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Qualitair&Sea, a company of Crystal Group
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Qualitair&Sea a participé à  la course LE HAVRE URBAN TRAIL

July 2017 |

Nous sommes fiers de nos deux collaborateurs Sydney (QS CDG) et Christian (QS Le Havre) pour leur participation au LHUT (Le Havre Urban Trail), aventure sportive, unique et inédite, à l’occasion des 500 ans de la ville du Havre.
Un grand bravo à eux pour cette course réalisée sous les couleurs de Qualitair&Sea !
Pour en savoir plus sur cet évènement et découvrir les photos, rendez-vous sur le site LHUT :
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Our ILS Cargo team was at the Hospitalar Fair & Forum in Sao Paulo !

May 2017 |

This May 2017, our ILS team, a subsidiary of Crystal Group and sister company of Qualitair&Sea, was hosted by Business France at the Hospitalar Fair & Forum in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
During the exhibition, ILS Cargo demonstrated innovative solutions to optimize the international Supply Chain of the Healthcare industry.

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UEFA Euro 2016 Afterwork

July 2016 |

Beyond the professionalism recognized by the teams of QUALITAIR&SEA, Crystal Group organized an afterwork session around a unifying event: the semifinal France-Germany during the UEFA Euro 2016. A positive atmosphere with cheers since France won the semi-finals 2-0.
Qualitair&Sea invited as import-export specialist speaker at the Latin American economic seminar.

July 2016 |

On 6 July 2016, Qualitair&Sea took part at the AMLAT Forum held by the Rhône Alpes Committee of the CCEF in the presence of its chairmen from the following major countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. Qualitair&Sea was invited to this event as an import-export specialist speaker in Latin America to answer questions on the topic: ’How to develop and succeed in your business in Latin America?’ An insightful afternoon to reflect on current concerns thanks to its informative speakers and a participative audience of over 100 companies from the French Rhône-Alpes region. Through its customs expertise, its highly developed network and its Latin American team of experts such as Claudia Palazo, Qualitair&Sea has all the necessary skills to help and support companies wishing to expand their business in Latin America. The conference was followed with a series of one-on-one interviews, and a plenary meeting to exchange on Latin American import-export trends and issues, as well as an overall outlook for 2016-2017. Joël Glusman, President of Crystal Group said this event was ’a great opportunity to interact with companies in the French Rhone Alpes region and to use a freight forwarder such as Qualitair&Sea to facilitate businesses’ exports and imports’. For more information on your exports and imports to Latin America, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone at + 33 1 30 11 94 73.
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EURTEAM Football competition in Liverpool

June 2016 |

In the context of Euro 2016 and the integration of QUALITAIR&SEA into the EURTEAM alliance: a unique alliance of supply chain specialists providing international transport and logistics for the chemical sector. QUALITAIR&SEA employees participated in a football game between the members of the alliance at the European trade meeting in Liverpool. It was a great experience and an opportunity to meet the employees of the different members of the EURTEAM alliance in a sporty and friendly atmosphere. Congratulations to LESCHACO for winning this competition, and to our 8 players and their coach for serving the colors of QUALITAIR&SEA.
Joël Glusman interviewed by BFM TV

Aug 2014 |

Joël Glusman interviewed by BFM TV during MEDEF meeting.
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French Customs congratulates QUALITAIR&SEA and CRYSTALGROUP

Dec. 2013 |

On its website, French Customs Administration is highlighting the reception organized by MOCI during which QUALITAIR&SEA and CRYSTALGROUP were awarded best ’CUSTOMS PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY’
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Qualitair&Sea and Class Export exhibition

Nov. 2013 |

Qualitair&Sea was present during Class Export exhibition, at la Défense, in October. Joel Glusman held a conference on the following topics : ’Why and how to export to Brazil.’ Fifty people attended this conference.
Qualitair&Sea, partner of handball club of Villers Saint-Paul

Sept. 2013 |

Last June, the women’s team of Villers Saint-Paul reached the final of French handball cup.
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Patrick LEGAL, new president of TLF Overseas : in the press

July 2013 |

In the press : l’Antenne
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Patrick LEGAL, new president of TLF Overseas : in the press

July 2013 |

In the press : le MOCI
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CrystalGroup supports going paperless, alongside french customs

Apr. 2013 |

Will going paperless be able to generate competitivness? Yes, because there will be fewer erros. Yes, because automation leads to more customs declarations per day for each operator. But many issues are still on the table : IT interline with foreign agents, one-stop-shopping issue for the French Administration (French Customs could be the best solution for this), warehousing of the archives and cost of this warehousing. Going paperless leads to three main issues for the future : operational issues (What to do? How to do it? Who will do it?), public and administrative issues, and legal issues (liability in the case of errors, with an international regulation).
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Supply Chain Magazine

Febr. 2013 |

Une nouvelle organisation du nom de Tala (The Aerospace Logistics Alliance) prend son envol. Ce réseau, dont le siège est basé à Miami, regroupe une centaine d’entités de par le monde et se positionne résolument sur le marché de l’aéronautique et l’aérospatial. « Tala ouvre une nouvelle ère dans le domaine de la logistique » commente Joël Glusman pour Tala France. « Avant janvier 2013, les compagnies aériennes n’avaient que deux possibilités pour gérer leur Supply Chain : utiliser le réseau intégré des puissants Global Freight Forwarders ou s’appuyer sur la flexibilité des opérateurs locaux. Avec Tala, tous les acteurs du secteur (pièces de rechange, constructeurs d’hélicoptère ou d’avion), pourront sous-traiter leur Supply Chain à un opérateur mondial, aussi puissant qu’un groupe intégré et aussi flexible qu’un « local hero ». Tala bénéficie d’une organisation unique avec un centre d’appel, un système de Track and trace centralisé et un interlocuteur dédié. L’alliance était représentée lundi dernier au Dubai MRO Show.
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TALA : Logistics alliance takes on the majors

Febr. 2013 |

“TALA has opened a new era in the logistics field,” said its French representative, Joël Glusman, President & CEO of Qualitair & Sea. “For some time, aerospace companies have had no more than two choices for the management of their supply chain: global freight forwarders, and their networks and flexible local firms. Now, airlines, MRO, helicopter operators and aircraft manufacturers can outsource their supply chain to a global organisation that is as dedicated and flexible as a local firm.” Joel Glusman is joined on TALA’s executive team by Wayne Galley (Emergency Parts Logistics, (Canada), Placido Sanchez (ILS Cargo Group, US and Brazil) and Phil Clews (GAC Logistics, UK). “What marks out TALA from the integrators and large forwarding groups is that our members – we prefer to describe them as strategic partners – derive 100% of their revenue from the aerospace industry. Secondly, they have recruited staff from this industry – engineers, technicians and supply chain professionals – to provide tailored expertise. The crucial difference is we’re not simply providing a pick-up and delivery for a certain category of cargo but an added-value, extreme time-critical service. Aerospace is in our genes.” Joel Glusman went on to describe TALA as “a one-stop shop, able to manage all shipments under a single database that supports any inquiry and provides status updates to any party anywhere, at any time.’ However, he underlined that as a start-up, TALA “does not yet have a truly global reach.” He said: “At the moment, we are represented in the UK, France and Switzerland, Morocco, the UAE, US, Mexico, Brazil China, Singapore and Malaysia. We’re committed to extending our network in order to provide worldwide coverage. But at the same time, we are very selective in who we accept as strategic partners,” Glusman added.
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Collector : The 20th Birthday of Qualitair&Sea

July 2012 |

Qualitair&Sea’s 20th birthday
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CrystalGroup on BFM TV !

July 2012 |

To watch CrystalGroup on BFM TV !
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QUALITAIR&SEA now in Germany

Jan. 2018 |

We are pleased to inform you that Crystal Group, the parent company of QUALITAIR&SEA, has concluded the acquisition of FM Overseas which was the result of a strategical spin off from the forwarding industry by FM Logistics Group. This acquisition is indicative of the Crystal Group commitment to be established in the biggest markets in Europe and will also enable QUALITAIR&SEA to offer its services on a European level. The addition of the new German offices, namely Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart to our company’s existing infrastructure will provide our customers and overseas partners with enhanced services capabilities along with the additional benefit of local and global expertise. QUALITAIR&SEA Germany GMBH will have a nationwide coverage and will be able to serve all Air and Sea ports, with expertise across a wide range of Vertical Segments in order to address the diverse needs of its clients and agents. Our principal vertical segments include Automotive, Pharmaceutical, High Tech, Aerospace, Time Critical and General Cargo. For additional information, please contact
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The air cargo capacities have reached a dramatic level

Dec. 2017 |

The air cargo capacities to and from worldwide destinations-origins have reached a dramatic level. Airfreight rates have tripled, and to some destinations 5x times more than before. At CDG we have a huge backlog to the point that some airlines aren’t accepting bookings anymore. We expect this trend to continue throughout December and perhaps through Jan 2018 as airlines will not be in a position to have extra capacity in the market. Therefore, please keep in mind that our Time-Critical team is able to offer solution for critical 24/7 shipments by On-Board Courrier (OBC) and Chartering Aircraft. As for us, we will do whatever possible to serve our customers and partners. Please make your customers aware of this situation.
Qualitair&Sea reaches Top 7 French Airfreight Forwarder

Sept. 2017 |

Through a segmented client offer, Qualitair&Sea is ranked top 7 export french forwarder by IATA-CLASS.
Robert Launay rejoint la nouvelle gouvernance TLF Overseas

Aug 2017 |

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que Robert Launay, Vice-Président chez Crystal Group a été élu nouveau membre de la commission douane TLF Overseas.
La commission douane de TLF Overseas est un pilier indispensable dans la défense des intérêts de la profession des représentants en douane et organisateurs de transport international en France.
Robert Launay rejoint ainsi la nouvelle gouvernance de la commission Douane TLF Overseas présidé par Stéphane Hamouche, aux côtés de Céline Falco (Clasquin), Michèle Petit (Kuehne+Nagel), et Frédéric Chafer (Schenker France).
Pour en savoir plus, cliquez sur le lien
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Qualitair&Sea handled 260 tons of part charter to the Middle East.

July 2017 |

Nos équipes Qualitair&Sea à Nancy traitent une opération de fret aérien exceptionnelle de 260 tonnes vers le Moyen-Orient. Cette opération spéciale nécessite une expertise pointue du transport et de la logistique. Cette expédition est décomposée en 5 vols : 3 vols parts charters déjà affrétés ainsi que 2 autres vols durant le mois de Juillet.
Sur chacun des deux premiers vols, 8 caisses ont été transportées soit 72 tonnes voire 2/3 du poids brut chargé dans l’avion.
Quant au troisième vol, 35 tonnes ont été chargés dans l’avion.
Les deux derniers vols auront lieu avant la fin du mois de Juillet.
Well done to our Qualitair&Sea team based in Nancy!

Nouveau Service de mise à bord!

Apr. 2017 |

TALA France powered by Qualitair&Sea, a le plaisir de vous annoncer la mise en place de son nouveau service de mise à bord : ‘AIRSIDE DELIVERY & COLLECTION’ SERVICE

Cette nouvelle offre permet à TALA France de sécuriser l’expédition et la réception des colis express, en garantissant au client un service plus rapide et dédié.

En effet, TALA France livre ou récupère désormais au pied de l’avion tous les colis urgents ou sensibles, expédiés sur l’intégralité des vols du réseau Air France Express ouvert au fret.
Ce service, opérant 24/7, permet un important gain de temps dans la livraison de colis urgents ou sensibles !

Pour toutes les expéditions export-import express, TALA France assure :
• Service de livraison opérationnel 24/7,
• Une équipe spécialement dédiée avec accès aux pistes,
• Un véhicule personnel avec accès à la zone sous douane pour acheminer les colis, directement à l’avion, permettant aux agents de vérifier le bon départ des colis, et la récupération dès l’atterrissage des vols.

Les colis express sont désormais acheminés de manière garantie en moins d’une heure, après arrivée ou avant départ de l’avion.

Conditions d’utilisation : service limité à 36 Kg par colis, non dangereux.

Pour plus d’information, veuillez contacter notre responsable ou l’équipe AOG ou le + 33 6 08 24 24 77.
Qualitair&Sea devient le partenaire exclusif français de LESCHACO

Febr. 2017 |

Depuis le 1er Décembre 2016, QUALITAIR&SEA est le nouveau partenaire de LESCHACO pour la gestion de son parc de citernes en France. Désormais, QUALITAIR&SEA prend en charge les arrivées et départs des citernes LESCHACO aux ports français, en étant le relai des dépôts, stations de lavage, transporteurs, importateurs et exportateurs.

Répondant aux prérequis sur le plan des certifications et des formations, et enfin au vu de l’engagement de la direction à développer cette activité ; QUALITAIR&SEA s’est présenté comme étant le partenaire idéal pour LESCHACO. C’est donc tout naturellement que LESCHACO s’est tourné vers QUALITAIR&SEA pour la gestion de son parc en France.

Ce partenariat exclusif est l’opportunité pour QUALITAIR&SEA d’offrir à ses clients un panel complet de services et de solutions de transport dédiés aux produits chimiques, permettant de transporter le plus petit colis par voie aérienne, en allant jusqu’à la citerne de 25 000 Litres par voie maritime.
Grâce à ce partenariat, QUALITAIR&SEA est maintenant à même de présenter une offre ’one-stop-shop’ dédiée aux produits chimiques en alliant des solutions transports optimales et sécurisées à des solutions douanières innovantes.
Ceci en garantissant toujours la grande qualité de service qui a fait le succès de l’entreprise QUALITAIR&SEA !

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EURTEAM celebrates its 10th anniversary

Dec. 2016 |

Eurteam’s vision and strategy as it marks 10 years of multilateral expertise A strategic alliance of European transport and logistics specialists providing services to the chemical sector has set out its vision for the future as it celebrates a decade of delivering multilateral expertise. Ian Jones, newly appointed President of Eurteam, said the alliance would be looking to strengthen its market proposition of delivering local expertise from owner-led, independent supply chain companies with a combined global reach. To mark the anniversary, the five partner members gathered at the Anglo-German Club in Hamburg where Eurteam was officially launched in 2006. Eurteam members include Leschaco operating in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands; the Del Corona Scardigli Group in Italy, the Asta Logistik Grupo in Spain and Warrant Group in the UK. QualitAir&Sea in France joined Eurteam earlier this year. Ian Jones, who is the Managing Director of Warrant Group and will hold the position of President of Eurteam for the next two years, explained. ’When Eurteam was formed 10 years ago, it was a direct response to market conditions. We knew that in order to compete in the chemical sector we needed greater reach and a stronger, global presence. ’Eurteam was created to provide a single solution to customers and all members have enjoyed considerable successes from working together to share expertise and capabilities. ’Moving forward and looking to the next 10 years, we need to focus on our strengths as a strategic, global alliance of independent, owner-led companies with a unique understanding of local conditions. Connected by technology and with a real commitment to delivering innovation, value and efficiencies, Eurteam will continue to offer strong and competitive logistics solutions for the chemical sector.’ Eurteam’s client portfolio includes major chemical producers and distributors as well as traders and end-users. It holds internationally recognised accreditations in control, compliance, safety, security and environmental performance.
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Qualitair&Sea confirmed Silver status to the Supplier Sustainability Ratings by EcoVadis!

Oct. 2016 |

With an objective of delivering excellent performance in the areas of transportation safety and quality, health and safety, and environmental and sustainable development, as of July 2016, our efforts are now awarded by EcoVadis with a “Silver Certification”, ranking Qualitair&Sea among the best 30% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis. This status highlights the different approaches implemented within our organization. We have instituted different systems to adopt eco-responsible behavior, in particular recycling and dematerialization in all our branches in France. Hives have also been installed on our Roissy CDG headquarters. These environmental approaches are an addition to the societal and ethical approaches that allow our employees to work in a safe and pleasant environment. Eric Hennet, Managing Director and Valérie Rougeot, QHSE Director were thrilled by this excellent performance: ’We are very proud to have obtained the Silver Certification, and we will continue our CSR commitments on a daily basis’. About EcoVadis: EcoVadis is an independent agency for assessing the CSR performance of companies, bringing Buyers and Suppliers together to efficiently drive CSR & sustainability performance across 150 sectors and 101 countries.
Is your company prepared for SOLAS?

May 2016 |

The new SOLAS regulations go into effect on July 1, 2016. The new provisions of the SOLAS agreement binds exporting and importing customers by sea to transmit the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) to the shipping company before the container enters the terminal, otherwise the container cannot be loaded onto the ship. For more information, please download our fact sheet below.
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QUALITAIR&SEA International Logistics joins EURTEAM, an alliance of independent commissioners specializing in transport and logistics, dedicated to chemicals.

Apr. 2016 |

Recognized as a dynamic niche player within a wide range of sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Automotive, and with a growing reputation in global logistics for dangerous products, QUALITAIR&SEA has become the exclusive French representative of the EURTEAM alliance. The members of the EURTEAM alliance are now Leschaco, based in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, U. Del Corona & Scardigli based in Italy, ASTA Logistik Grupo in Spain, Warrant Group based in the UK and now QUALITAIR&SEA for France. ’We are delighted to have been selected by the EURTEAM alliance as the exclusive operator for the French market. This rewards our rise in competence and our success during the recent years in this very demanding market, requiring expertise and rigor in the management of air, sea and road flows, for dangerous, in cistern, or under controlled temperature goods. We are now able to offer our chemistry clients a stronger international footprint based on the expertise and experience of the alliance as a whole’ said Eric Hennet, CEO of QUALITAIR&SEA. QUALITAIR&SEA brings its knowledge of the French territory, its geographical coverage (12 offices in France), its expert approach in demanding industrial sectors (Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Automotive) and now in Pharmaceutical and Chemicals, as well as the dedication of its team of experts. About EURTEAM EURTEAM - EURTEAM is an exclusive alliance of independent freight forwarders specializing in the Chemicals sector, safely and securely managing shipments for a wide variety of chemicals from commodity, petro and agro chemicals to specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals, EURTEAM offers a multi-layered client service approach to suit the needs of individual customers. The EURTEAM alliance carries over 860,000 TEUs per year, through 124 offices worldwide and has more than 3,000 employees.
BFM TV / MEDEF Management Award

Aug 2015 |

CRYSTALGROUP was present during BFM TV/MEDEF Management award competition. CRYSTALGROUP took the opportunity to highlight the human values in terms of management. More than 100 companies were involved in the competition and CRYSTALGROUP was among the four semi-finalists. Even if CRYSTALGROUP was not awarded, the jury highlighted the high level quality of its presentation.

Aug 2015 |

Formerly known under the name ’SETCARGO MAROC’, CRYSTALGROUP’s subsidiary in Morocco has now called QUALITAIR MAROC. QUALITAIR&SEA is eager to develop a long term strategy in Morocco, with a flexible subsidiary, dedicated to high level international logistics.

Aug 2015 |

CRYSTALGROUP and ILS Cargo are now partners. QUALITAIR&SEA has therefore two feet in Brazil. For ILS and CRYSTALGROUP, it is a new step in their partnership towards a mutual commitment and a strong operational cooperation. Both companies, now under the same roof, share the same values.
Terrorist attacks in France : Joël Glusman interviewed by Brazilian television

Jan. 2015 |

Terrorist attacks in France : Joël Glusman interviewed by Brazilian television
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Air Charters are not just for big boys

July 2014 |

In the article, Tarek Zaki explains how QUALITAIR&SEA has been able to implement a 24 hours emergency desk, including week-end. He highlights the fact that QUALITAIR&SEA has done 11 charters in one week, most of them being Boeing 747 freighters.
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In the Brazilian press...

Jan. 2014 |

In the Brazilian press...
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Jan. 2014 |

All our senses are tuned to your logistics and transportation needs in 2014.
QUALITAIR&SEA awarded : MOCI ’Customs Quality and Performance’ award

Dec. 2013 |

Friday November 29th, Qualitair&Sea received a ’Customs Quality and Performance’ award during a reception organized by MOCI, a famous French international business news magazine, and the Paris Chamber of Commerce. The award was presented by Jean-Michel Thillier, Vice President of the French Customs Department and member of the jury. He highlighted the ability of Qualitair&Sea to build and maintain a strong partnership with French Customs, and to give priority to innovative concepts. Qualitair&Sea customs services are built on four pillars : - A partnership with French Customs, as Qualitair&Sea helped the French administration to develop DELT (IT customs clearance hardware) and Authorized Economic Operator; - Innovation: Qualitair&Sea is working alonsgside CrystalGroup Customs Engineering and Customs Department in order to propose innovative commercial offers, with facilitation, data security and flexibility; - Quality: the Customs processes of Qualitair&Sea are certified Authorized Economic Operator and ISO 9001. (Qualitair&Sea is therefore offering all security and compliance levels); - Expertise: CrystalGroup’s Customs and Engineering Department and Qualitair&Sea’s customs clearance staffs are well trained and have a high level of experience and qualification. The award was presented to Joel Glusman and Robert Launay (MD of ALIS International, with Laurent Miramand (CrystalGroup’s Customs Department manager) and Sydney Poirot (Qualitair&Sea’s Customs Department manager). Managing Director of Qualitair&Sea, Eric HENNET says : ’Customs has been in the DNA of the company for more than 25 years and this MOCI prize is a great reward for all our staffs invested in customs.’
Qualitair&Sea and Bioforce

Nov. 2013 |

Qualitair&Sea distributes, through the training tax, to non-governemental associations like Bioforce. Such a commitment sends a strong message about the social responsibility of the company.
QUALITAIR&SEA’s action against cancer

Oct. 2013 |

On September 15th, 16 women from the QUALITAIR&SEA staff ran the famous race ’La Parisienne’. This is a women only race, and all funds collected are given to breast cancer research. The race began at Pont d’Iena (Eiffel Tower) and the finishing line was at Maréchal Joffre Square.
Three answers to project questions

Sept. 2013 |

Joël Glusman and Eric Hennet have been interviewed by IJT, mainly on project cargo purpose. While speaking, they have unveiled all CrystalGroup’s strategy on project cargo, developped along three axes : oil&gas with Altus France, transport of helicopters or heavy-wright spare parts for the aviation industry with TALA France, and general industry sector with QUALITAIR&SEA. Verbatim : ’our ability to manage oil and aviation activities, which are very demanding when it comes to technologies and regulations, serves as a guarantee for the companies who entrust us with transport or logistics for their heavy individual parts or even for their entire projects.’
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A Business Jet for emergency shipments

Sept. 2013 |

It’s a first : The ’Emergency’ department of Qualitair&Sea has chartered a business jet (Bombardier C604) of Arka Airlines, between Istanbul and Madrid. The objective was to transport 27 shipments in 9 containers, on behalf of an international automotive company. The operation was launched on August 26th, at 4 pm and the aircraft took off at 11:45 pm. It landed at Valladolid airport the next day, at 5:30 am, and the goods were finally delivered before 10 am, less than 17 hours after the beginning of the operation.
Joël Glusman, à la tête de la contestation pour mieux défendre ses clients

Aug 2013 |

Suite à la décision prise par plusieurs compagnies aériennes de calculer les surcharges de sûreté et de carburant non plus sur le poids brut, mais sur le poids taxable, Joël Glusman a pris la tête d’une contestation qui va au-delà de nos frontières. Dans ’Voice of the Independent’, il déclare ainsi : ’cela ressemble fort à une approche concertée afin d’augmenter les prix sous couvert des surcharges. Et on ne peut que regretter l’annonce de ces décisions au beau milieu du mois d’août, alors qu’une grande partie des décideurs de l’hémisphère nord sont en congés. Avant le 11 septembre 2001, nous n’avions qu’une seule ligne de facturation. Aujourd’hui, nous comptons jusqu’à huit différentes taxes et surcharges. Le coût administratif, le temps passé à traiter les surcharges sans opérer la moindre marge montre bien que nous travaillons gratuitement pour les compagnies aériennes. Sur certaines destinations, les surcharges représentent jusqu’à trois fois le prix du transport.’ A la suite de Joël Glusman, plusieurs autres acteurs du freight forwarding ont exprimé leur opinion.
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Patrick Legal, new president of TLF Overseas

July 2013 |

Patrick Legal has been elected president of TLF Overseas, the French freight forwarders and customs brokers national association. TLF Overseas represents 12000 employees and more than one hundred companies in the scope of the freight forwarding. It is responsable for 95% of national turnover. Former president of CrystalGroup, Patrick Legal, says he wants to ’build a strong freight forwarding association’, with a strong voice towards French administration and government, as well as towards the European Union. This election strenghtened CrystalGroup’s image throughout the international freight forwarding community.
Aerospace - TALA : a strong presence at the London AP&M

June 2013 |

Following the successful launch of TALA (and Qualitair&Sea as a founding partner of TALA) at the Dubai Air Show in January 2013, TALA made another strong showing at the AP&M, London Olympia May 2013. TALA executives from UK, Europe and USA were on hand to meet with many of the 2692 visitors, a 5,9% increase over 2012, who attended the show from all over the world. The AP&M expo also presented a great opportunity to meet up and network with existing clients who were either fellow exhibitors or visitors over the 2 days. Having a global presence on the stand meant TALA could speak a unique language to visitors and be familiar with their local requirements. The booth was one of the standing out displays at the show and made a bold statement that TALA has truly arrived on the aviation scene. Additional face to face meetings were held with over 15 airlines and have created some great opportunities for the group. Another great aerospace event will take place in the next few weeks : Salon du Bourget, in Paris. Once again, TALA will be present with its worldwide executives.
CrystalGroup : a loud speaker at SITL logistics symposium in Paris

Apr. 2013 |

CrystalGroup (Qualitair&Sea, Setcargo and Alis) was definitely the number one among the logistics and transport providers to speak at SITL conferences, during the logistics week in Paris (26/28th March). Joël Glusman spoke, alongside with Pedro Moreira (chairman of Abralog, the Brazilian logistics national association) during the conference held by Ubifrance on a brazilian theme : ’Brazilian logistics market : challenges and opportunities’. Olivier Layec spoke during conference held by TLF on the subcontracting issues of the Authorized Economic Operator status and during the one organized by Alban Gruson, CEO of CONEX, alongside with Pascal Regard, head of Customs Policy at French Customs Department : ’e-transport, a key for competitiveness in international business’.
Best Performance Customer Award, to Qualitair&Sea

March 2013 |

Korean Air has solemnly given its 2012 Best Performance Award to Qualitair&Sea. This award is due to the efforts made by Qualitair&Sea last year : Qualitair&Sea recorded last year the best growth and the best performance in terms of turnover, shipments frequency and tonnage. In 2012, Qualitair&Sea shipped more than 350 tons with Korean Air Cargo, i.e. more than three Boeing B747 freighters.
Customs facilitations : alongside the Foreign Trade Minister

Febr. 2013 |

CrystalGroup attended, with TLF delegation, a meeting organized by Nicole Bricq, minister in charge of Foreign Trade which was dedicated to customs facilitations project. Jerome Fournel, as General Director of French Customs, and Jean-Michel Thillier, as deputy General Director of French Customs in charge of foreign trade, were present as well. CrystalGroup considers procedure facilitation to be a main issue for the next few years. ’Customs procedures facilitation is essential for french companies’ competitiveness. We need to move forward with all actors concerned by the issue and we need to create a positive regulation environment, especially for small and medium sized companies.’
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A Trent 700

Jan. 2013 |

In order to replace a Rolls Royce Trent 700 engine on an Oman Air Airbus A330-300, Qualitair&Sea has once again been determined and reactive. Qualitair&Sea’s customs team made the customs clearance of the whole package (a value of 16 Million USD) free of tax and duties. The engine and its spare parts landed at Vatry airport early last Friday and were shipped to Roissy airport in the afternoon. All this was possible due to excellent communication between Qualitair&Sea and Roissy-CDG customs. Oman Air congratulated Qualitair&Sea for its efficiency.
CrystalGroup and the World Class Logistics

Jan. 2013 |

CrystalGroup and its subsidiaries (Qualitair&Sea, Alis International and Setcargo) participated in a World Class logistics symposium, which took place in December at la Défense. This commercial event is built on speed dating meetings between logistics providers and shippers or industrial companies. For CrystalGroup, such an event is an opportunity to show its competencies. At the end of the day, the outcome was the following: - 25 commercial meetings. - one symposium given by Robert Launay, as Alis International General Manager on customs issues. - Jean-Christophhe Cuvelier, as Alis International deputy General Manager, participated in a conference given by MOCI on Morocco’s economic issues. Video - Interview of Joël Glusman : Video of the event:
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Joël GLUSMAN interviewed during World Class Logistics

Jan. 2013 |
Best wishes 2013

Jan. 2013 |

CrystalGroup, Qualitair&Sea, Setcargo International and Alis International teams wish you all the best for 2013.
France-Brésil Développement has published its newsletter

Nov. 2012 |

France-Brésil Développement has published its newsletter : political and business news, life of French and Brazilian companies in Brazil, brazilian foreign exchanges...
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Two charter flights for Turkey

Nov. 2012 |

On the request of an important French automotive plant, Qualitair&Sea chartered two successive flights between Vatry and Turkey during the last two days. The first flight, a Boeing B747-400F, took off on Monday 19th Nov, at sunset with 20 tons of cargo. It flew back on 20th November, around 4pm with 40 tons of spare parts dedicated to an automotive plant. Meanwhile, Qualitair&Sea chartered a Boeing 737 belonging to Europe Airpost in order to carry 7 tons from Turkey to France. The aircraft landed at Vatry Airport on 20th November at 11 pm and the goods were delivered on time.
Emergency by Qualitair&Sea: once again, as usual...

Nov. 2012 |

From 9th to 11th November, the « International Emergency » department of Qualitair&Sea led 9 express operations. Six of them were classic express shipments and two of them were handcarry shipments. Last but not least, Qualitair&Sea chartered a freighter Boeing B737 on behalf of an important automotive company. The handcarry packages were loaded on 10th November. As usual, reactiveness of Qualitair&Sea staff was decisive : the “international emergency” department was able to launch the operation less than 30 minutes after having received the proposal. The first one consists of 16 parcels weighting 96 kg, from Turkey to Madrid, where they arrived at 3pm on Saturday. The second one was destined for Paris. In both cases, the goods arrived less than 24 hours after their collection. Finally, a large automobile manufacturer requested Qualitair&Sea to charter a freighter Boeing B737 for one ton of sensitive goods. The aircraft took off early on Friday morning and landed at Vatry Airport at 6:24 pm. Goods were delivered at 10 pm.
International Emergency : from Slovakia to Castilla in less than 8 hours

Nov. 2012 |

Qualitair&Sea ’International Emergency’ department showed once again its expertise and its reactiveness. On 6th November, at 3:10 pm, it received a quotation request for 20 parcels and sent its positive reply 26 minutes later. A dedicated aircraft was chartered at 4:04 pm : a Swearing SA-226 Metro, with two propeller engines. A Slovakian partner brought the parcels at 6 pm in Kosice, the aircraft took off at 8:45 pm and landed at 1:10 am at Vittoria Airport, in Spain. There, a Spanish partner took the goods and brought them to Valladolid, where they were delivered to the plant, 30 minutes before the supply chain was bound to break.

Oct. 2012 |

As the only French freight forwarder attending Air Cargo Forum October 2-4, 2012, in Atlanta, Qualitair&Sea is showing its willingness to strengthen its links with the American market. Air Cargo Forum is organized by TIACA, The International Air Cargo Association, and is the main symposium dedicated to air freight, with attendance of all air supply chain users: airlines, general handling agents, freight forwarders, airport management, security, civil aviation and customs administrations, IT providers, and many shippers and exporters from Atlanta and its business area. In Atlanta, Qualitair&Sea made the choice of a strategic partnership and will attend and exhibit along with Aéroports de Paris, French Customs Administration and TLF Overseas, the French freight forwarders association. In so doing, Qualitair&Sea is confirming its image as a high-level customs specialist and is showing its strong partnership with French Customs to its local or global airlines partners, to GHA, American freight forwarders and American exporters and importers. This partnership is the result of a long time process: in 2008, Qualitair&Sea was chosen by French Customs to experiment and drive the Authorized Economic Operator certification in France. A few months later, the company was one of the first certified freight forwarders in Europe. While attending Air Cargo Forum in Atlanta, Qualitair&Sea is willing to highlight the benefits of the agreement signed recently by the United States and the European Union for a mutual recognition of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) and C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). This mutual recognition will allow for a secured and optimized supply chain between Europe and the United States. Moreover, US Customs admits by this recognition the quality of operational, customs and security measures implemented by Qualitair&Sea in France, for the benefit of its customers. * * * For Joël Glusman, Qualitair&Sea President and CEO: ’this mutual recognition between C-TPAT and AEO and our presence at Atlanta Air Cargo Forum, the worldwide and well-known air cargo symposium, Qualitair&Sea shows its abilty to adapt itself to international logistics evolutions, to strengthen its efficient partnership with French Customs and its willingness to develop its relationship with the American market.’
’Race against the clock’, by Qualitair&Sea

Sept. 2012 |

Race against the clock : this was the motto of Qualitair&Sea’s emergency department when it received an important shipment for one of its best customers, a tier one supplier in the automotive industry. This automotive equipements manufacturer had a 200 kg shipment to send to Curitiba, Brazil. Professional skills, responsiveness of the team, management competencies and technical assessment of Qualitair&Sea made this race against the clock possible. The order was registered on Wednesday September 19th, at 7 pm, goods were received on Thursday 7:30 am, and loaded on Paris-Sao Paulo flight at 10:30 am with a Qualitair&Sea technical staff. The shipment arrived at 5:40 local time at Sao Paulo airport, and was then loaded on a second flight to Curitiba, where it was delivered to the final customer, at 10 pm, less than 24 hours after the reception of the goods at Roissy-CDG.
Qualitair&Sea is attending Oil&Gas symposium in Rio de Janeiro

Sept. 2012 |

CrystalGroup in the business news !

July 2012 |

In this article, Joël GLUSMAN considers that French SME are less prepared for exportation than their German neighbours. ’French SME don’t have exportation in their DNA’, Joël GLUSMAN says, as president of CrystalGroup, which includes Qualitair&Sea and Setcargo, two well-known French freight forwarders. ’Roughly speaking, we could say that French SME are so confident in the quality of their products that they just wait for the customer, in their own premises.’ And then? According to Joël GLUSMAN, a lot of French companies are not eager to take the responsability of the transport of the goods, even if they are regularly registered by French customs. It is therefore up to their own customers to take this responsability. But in many French seaports, there are more and more containers. Indeed, a French exporter has the right and the possibility to go directly to the airlines or to the shipping companies, but the administrative and regulation burden is so heavy, there are so many people to deal with, that they prefer working with freight forwarders. Moreover, SME are not able to obtain good rates : ’fewer than 1000 boxes per year, shipping companies are not interested in SME’s business. And SME are very few to have such high volumes.’ As a consequence, SME always go to the freight forwarders, like QUALITAIR&SEA and SETCARGO. ’90% of French SME are working with freight forwarders’, says Hervé Cornède, commercial vice-president of GPMH, Grand Port Maritime du Havre.
Qualitair&Sea, fortement présente au Brésil

May 2012 |

Os portos franceses de Le Havre, Rouen e Paris, que juntos compõe a Haropa, maior complexo portuário da França, receberam clientes e parceiros em um almoço em São Paulo, para apresentar as soluções logísticas que o complexo do Rio Sena têm a oferecer, além de informações com indicadores Reefers para os exportadores brasileiros. O evento foi composto por duas rodadas de depoimentos dos responsáveis no Brasil de empresas especializadas em transporte e logística, como Marc Bourdon, diretor geral da CMA CGM Brasil, Jöel Glusman, presidente da Qualitair&Sea (Crystal Group), Célia Pinho, diretora geral do agente de carga ILS Cargo e parceiro da Qualitair&Sea no Brasil, Fabio Furlan, diretor comercial da SDV Brasil e Patrice Le Bras, diretor comercial do armador Marfret. “O posicionamento de Le Havre como um porto especialista nos fluxos de mercadorias com temperatura controlada, tanto na importação como na exportação, é tão significativo na França, já que fica no coração do maior mercado de produtos frescos do mundo, quanto no Brasil, que está no centro do continente sul-americano e é o maior produtor mundial de produtos alimentícios”, afirma Hervé Cornéde, diretor Comercial do porto de Le Havre.
Crystal Group and its entity Qualitair&Sea will be present at the 14th WCA conference

March 2012 |

We have been participated in the WCA conference for manay years. This year as usual, this conference will be a major event in the world of international logistics.
Wecome on our new website

Jan. 2012 |

This new website will keep you informed on what’s going on with our products, and which territories we are in. In the news section you will be able to see what’s going on with our group and where we are...