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Qualitair&Sea, a company of Crystal Group
About us | Our values
QUALITAIR&SEA now in Germany

Jan. 2018 | Crystal Group, parent company of QUALITAIR&SEA has concluded the acquisition of FM Overseas.

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The air cargo capacities have reached a dramatic level

Dec. 2017 | The air cargo capacities to and from worldwide destinations-origins have reached a dramatic level.

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Qualitair&Sea reaches Top 7 French Airfreight Forwarder

Sept. 2017 | We are proud to announce our ranking in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of July 2017.

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Qualitair&Sea a participé à  la course LE HAVRE URBAN TRAIL

July 2017 | Nous sommes fiers de nos deux collaborateurs Sydney et Christian pour leur participation au LHUT (Le Havre Urban Trail), aventure sportive, unique et inédite, à l’occasion des 500 ans de la ville du Havre. Un grand bravo à eux pour cette course réalisée sous les couleurs de Qualitair&Sea !

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Our ILS Cargo team was at the Hospitalar Fair & Forum in Sao Paulo !

May 2017 | This May 2017, our ILS team, a subsidiary of Crystal Group, was hosted by Business France at the Hospitalar Fair & Forum in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During the exhibition, ILS Cargo demonstrated innovative solutions to optimize the international Supply Chain of the Healthcare industry.

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UEFA Euro 2016 Afterwork

July 2016 | Beyond the professionalism recognized by the teams of QUALITAIR&SEA, Crystal Group organized an afterwork session around a unifying event: the semifinal France-Germany during the UEFA Euro 2016. A positive atmosphere with cheers since France won the semi-finals 2-0.

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les valeurs du Groupe Crystal
From the beginning, we have built our success on the shared passion for our profession. The following is a list of shared core values that guide and govern every member of the organization.

By signing this document, they testify to their personal commitment to abide by and respect the company's values.
Actively Listening

• Being open to others, their ideas, embracing their differences.
• Seeking to understand the expectations of others.
• Being attentive to others.
• Fostering cooperation with those in every cross-section of the staff.
• Communicating on a regular basis any changes, or new developments in the company policy.
• Recognizing that we are stronger as a group than we are as individuals.
• Respecting and listening to the opinions of others.
• Demonstrating patience.
• Taking the time to understand rather than just listening.
Actively Commited

• Keeping the team spirit alive.
• Saying what we do and doing what we say.
• Respecting agreed upon deadlines.
• Detailing the commitment precisely and assigning responsibility.
• Determining the objectives and assuring their completion.
• Delegating the responsibilities.
• Accepting the risks of errors or failure.
• Standing behind all decisions or actions taken.
• Respecting the work environment as well as prior agreements and our quality assurance system.
• Encouraging the ideas and initiative of our co-workers at every opportunity.
Actively Pioneering Our Competitive Edge

• Delivering a strong and distinct message.
• Proposing value-added solutions, going the extra step to make a better offer than our competitors.
• Adapting to the changes of the market and anticipating the needs of our clients.
• Re-inventing new and better ways to work, no matter what the level of responsibilities.
Actively Evolving

• Constantly questioning our performance and looking for ways to improve.
• Knowing our strengths and weaknesses.
• Routinely seeking reference points and ideas, both within and outside the group
   including our competitors.
• Encouraging internal and external traning.
• Promoting colleagues internally whenever possible.
• Constantly improving our service, work methods and procedures.
• Enriching and expanding our individual and collective capacities.



Actively Pioneering
Our Competitive Edge